The Academy Level IV Course - Class IV HAA Auditor


(HAA) Hubbard Advanced Auditor

Academy level four trains the student auditor in "direct style" auditing, addressing service facsimiles, using powerful listing and nulling procedures, as well as the other processes of Grade IV. This gives the auditor the skills to produce Grade IV releases, which free the pre-clear of unwanted computations and the impulse of having to compulsively be "right." It provides the ability to grant others beingness.

Throughout this course you will:

  • Put a final touch on your metering skills
  • Learn the tech to handle Potential Trouble Sources (PTS individuals) and Suppressive Persons (or SP)
  • How to do Search & Discovery for potential trouble sources and Suppressive personalities
  • Learn more on Overts and Justifications
  • Learn about and how to relieve Service Facsimiles from a case
  • Learn more on Listing and Nulling techniques
  • Audit Grade IV processes

Course contents

Michael Salihovic

Your Course Supervisor
for this course
Michael started with his Scientology studies in 1984, with a Basic TRs Course, and since 2002 dedicated himself to training and auditing more or less fulltime. He joined AOGP in 2017 and since then served as a full time Director of Training, Organizational Secretary, and Course Supervisor and Auditor.

Michael is trained as a Course Supervisor, Class V Auditor, Solo Auditor, and is currently OT 3 on the Grade Chart.
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