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The Class VIII Auditor and C/S Course - Class VIII HSTS Auditor - C/S


Perfection in Auditing Technique and Standards

The Class VIII Course teaches the student the exact handlings for all cases with 100% positive technical results using Class VIII procedures and techniques only found on this course. The course additionally addresses the OT III band of the Grade Chart and it's delivery.

The permanent certification given on the Class VIII Course after an appropriate internship is "Dean of the Tech."

Prerequisite: The Class VI Course with provisional Certification, and OT II case completion or above.

Students can co-audit OT III while on the Class VIII course if so desired with a twin.

On the Class VIII course you will learn:

  • Learn the Class VIII case supervision handlings for all case situations and how to apply them perfectly.

  • Learn the perfect use of Standard tech on all cases, no matter how rough the case is.

  • Learn the dramatic differences in auditing standards between training levels and how to use them from Class VI to Class VIII methodologies.

  • Learn modern Listing and Nulling and its real value in auditing as one of the most powerful types of auditing.

  • Listen to 19 lectures given by LRH on what Class VIII means and how to get the products of a Class VIII as a case supervisor and auditor.

  • Learn Case Supervision from LRH himself with his own handwritten programs and C/S'es.

Course contents


Your Course and Case Supervisor
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