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How to Understand People Better Course


Learn the Key Principles of Life

This is an introductory course designed specifically for the people new to Scientology, so they could learn some of basic concepts taught in Scientology and how to apply them in life.
Throughout this course you will:

  • Get a thorough introduction to Scientology

  • Learn about the relationship between Affinity, Reality and Communication

  • Learn about the emotional Tone Scale

  • Learn how to spot where people are on the Tone Scale

  • Get better understanding of various aspects of living

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Our Students  Love Us

"Now I can understand why my girlfriend was reacting certain ways. Knowledge of ARC helped me change my relationship for better, for good!"

E. B.

"I had one important cognition: we all strive for understanding. We all want to understand each other better. This course helped me to open my eyes for life".

E. S. 

"The mystery of human behavior isn't such a mystery, in fact, when one can know these tools!"

R. P.

Michael Salihovic

Your Course Supervior
for this course.
Michael started with his Scientology studies in 1984, with a Basic TRs Course, and since 2002 dedicated himself to training and auditing more or less fulltime. He joined AOGP in 2017 and since then served as a full time Director of Training, Organizational Secretary, and Course Supervisor and Auditor.

Michael is trained as a Course Supervisor, Class V Auditor, Solo Auditor, and is currently OT 3 on the Grade Chart.
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