The Basic Scientology
Principles Course

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introductory information on Life and Living It

Learn the Key Principles of Life

This is an introductory course designed specifically for those new to Dianetics and Scientology and its concepts. Giving an appropriate gradient of information that builds each concept from one to the next. 
Throughout this course you will:

  • Get a thorough introduction to Scientology

  • Learn about the relationship between Affinity, Reality and Communication

  • Learn about the Emotional Tone Scale

  • Learn how to spot where people are on the Emotional Tone Scale

  • Get better understanding of the different areas of one's life called "The Dynamics"

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Our Students  Love Us

     "Now I can understand why my girlfriend was reacting certain ways. Knowledge of ARC helped me change my relationship for better, for good!"

E. B.

"I had one important cognition: we all strive for understanding. We all want to understand each other better. This course helped me to open my eyes for life".

E. S. 

"The mystery of human behavior isn't such a mystery, in fact, when one can know these tools!"

R. P.


Your Course and Case Supervisor 
Jon is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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