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Personal Ethics and Integrity Course

The Art of Living

What is ethics? What are morals? Did you know there is a difference in how one uses them or if one even has either? The Personal Ethics and Integrity course enlightens you to the difference and how to make those tough calls in life regarding what is right and what is wrong for you, and others, without hesitation that you're making the best choice possible in life.

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Michael Salihovic

Your Course Supervisor
for this course.
Michael started with his Scientology studies in 1984, with a Basic TRs Course, and since 2002 dedicated himself to training and auditing more or less fulltime. He joined AOGP in 2017 and since then served as a full time Director of Training, Organizational Secretary, and Course Supervisor and Auditor.

Michael is trained as a Course Supervisor, Class V Auditor, Solo Auditor, and is currently OT 3 on the Grade Chart.
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