Solo One and  Two Course

SOLO COURSE, PARTs One and two

Starting the Path to OT

Part one of the Solo Auditor Course enables the student to progress toward becoming a solo auditor.

You wouldn’t put yourself and your case in the hands of an untrained or poorly trained auditor, would you? You owe yourself the best auditor in the world on Solo, and that is you.” – LRH

Your success on the OT courses is dependent upon your full application of study tech and honest application of the materials of this course. Your future on the route to full OT depends on this. A Solo auditor who is all-thumbs in session will have a difficult time making the incredible gains available to him on Advanced Courses because he will be distracted from his case. 


  • Learn Solo Auditing basics with Classic LRH Source references and books
  • Learn about Q&A (Questioning and answering in a communication cycles) in relationship to the OT case
  • Get the viewpoint of a Solo Auditor using "Solo Auditors Rights" in Session
  • Set up a Solo session
  • Handling Rudiments from a Solo Auditor perspective
  • E-meter drills from a Solo Point of View
  • Solo Auditor Drills
  • Listing and Nulling as a Solo Auditor
  • Using correction lists in a Solo Session
  • Doing Word Çlearing as a Solo Auditor

Your Checksheet

Course contents

Our Students  Love Us

"Solo 1 is one of the smoothest courses I have done in my history of doing courses so far! It was a lot of fun and completely blew away my reservations of not being able to understand the materials of solo auditing. It's simply just a great course, and a lot of fun to do! Seeing my needle react to things was fun, and now I'm just that much closer to the state of OT.Thanks to AOGP and Jonathan! And thank you, LRH, for the tech!"

Solo Course Student

"The Solo Course incredibly raised my confidence to be at cause over my mental MEST, it actually proved me that I can run my Rudiments and take charge off when confronted with vicissitudes of life! As soon as one goes Clear one should start the Solo Course immediately!"

Solo Course Student

"After the Solo Course my metering abilities are higher than ever! I also learned how important it is to take care of little things that happen during the day. How important it is to have Rudiments in and to follow Ethics - like Road to Happiness. This course helped me to be more aware, more at cause, more self-confident..."

Solo Course Student


Your Course and Case Supervisor 
Jon is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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