We Deliver Independent Scientology Training and Auditing

Independent Scientology that is unaltered from the original works of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder of original Dianetics and Scientology in the 1950s. No edits, no additives, no arbitraries added from anyone. Once again delivering the real deal, after decades of runaway organizations, changes to the technology, and high prices from "the other guys."

No broken bridges here!

The Only Online Independent Scientology Course Room on the internet

We deliver an invalidation and evaluation free online environment for our course room students in a multimedia format.

Constantly improving with the advent of new web browser and data technologies to provide the ultimate Independent Scientology student experience in the 21st century.

Course Superviion

Pre Golden Age of Tech FLAG trained course supervisors who know their materials cold are available globally no matter your time zone for your course checkouts.

Student to Student

All students have access to our Student Union where they can get to know others on their journey, share wins, videos from course, and make new friends and enjoy the experience all around together! 

Peer learning

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age or continent.

All the materials in one place 

All materials are in one place, on your check sheet in PDF format. You can zoom in, zoom out, go full screen, print them off, or download to your computer easily and quickly. Videos.  lectures, and their transcripts are on your check sheet to along with all other theory, and practical drills.

Core Features

  • Awesome features and agile usability for online education.
  • New "on source" video content added daily for more user specific needs and gradients.
  • New Courses are being added monthly
  • New HTML5 interactive check sheet  lessons coming soon!

Video Conferencing

All courses are supervised via secure Zoom video services and Telegram chat/video as well as Vimeo and youth for imbedded course check sheet videos. All services are redundantly backed up for no downtime when you need to study, its there for you, the student.

Our partnerships

To offer top quality training and digital certifications, we believe it’s key
to partner with the best in industry across business and education sectors.

Explore life as you never knew it existed...its waiting for you to get to know it.

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