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The Basic Study Course

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Keys to True Knowledge

The Basic Study Course gives you the tools to quickly learn HOW to study. We don't know what we don't know, right? This course gives the tools necessary to studying anything efficiently and with full certainty.


  • Find out about the three basic barriers to study

  • Learn how a misunderstood word can lead to confused ideas

  • Learn how to clear a word to full conceptual understanding

  • How to help your fellow student as a coach

  • Learn how to do demonstrations

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Course contents

Our Students  Love Us

"The Basic Study course was a real eye opener and a breath of fresh air to me. I didn't realize how many dynamic factors there were to studying correctly. I will never go passed a misunderstood word again!"

G. K.

"I loved the demos and clay demos tech... They are a great resource when learning. I think everybody should take this course. I would recommend it for everyone studying in general. I feel now I could study almost any subject and improve myself."

E. S.

"Aside from word clearing, having a clearer view of the processes used in courses, is really going to help me build confidence for my future courses. The best thing I've noticed about this study, is that I can ACTUALLY see improvement in my approach to learning (and teaching) things."

A. M.


Your Course and Case Supervisor 
Jon is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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