The Personal Efficiency Course


Learn the Truths of Living

The purpose of this course is to train a person to be efficient in life, learn how to release his/her full potential, and achieve success using basic Independent Scientology principles through their application.

Throughout this course you will:

  • Learn about cycle of action

  • Learn how to handle work

  • Understand what are the "valuable final products"

  • Learn basics of organization and how organizing is related to survival

  • Learn about confronting and what is the supreme test of OTs!

Your Checksheet

Course contents

Our Students  Love Us

"Now I can definitely organize better and not leave things behind to bother me. This course should be part of everyone's general education".

S. R.

"I'm a teacher, and some of information from this course I will definitely use in my classroom - both for myself as for my students!"

K. S.

"I know this is just one step toward better, more fulfilled life, but a big and important step - I can feel that I am more able and more aware than I used to be!"

L. K.

Michael Salihovic

Your course supervisor
 for this course.
Michael started with his Scientology studies in 1984, with a Basic TRs Course, and since 2002 dedicated himself to training and auditing more or less fulltime. He joined AOGP in 2017 and since then served as a full time Director of Training, Organizational Secretary, and Course Supervisor and Auditor.

Michael is trained as a Course Supervisor, Class V Auditor, Solo Auditor, and is currently OT 3 on the Grade Chart.
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