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Conquering Life’s Ups and Downs

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Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Very often, we are prone to blame ourselves for our moods. Some days we seem ok, and other days may seem harder for us. The truth is that going through ups and downs in life is caused by someone else and contrary to belief, nothing is actually wrong with our brains or chemistry, it's simply the impingement of the environment around us. 

  • Learn the characteristics of a suppressive person
  • Learn the characteristics of a positive, creative person
  • Find out how mood swings are linked to suppressives
  • Find out how to correctly spot and handle suppression in your environment
  • Discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Gain a boost in your self-confidence

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Our Students  Love Us

     "It was great to finally recognize for others' sins and overts in my life. I feel calm and have a serenity of spirit that I have not felt before. I am recovering from supression and the best thing I will remember was how confession is good for the soul."

B. B.

"I am learning more and more about the effects of PTSness and the effects the environment and people have over us, and WOW, even more of my bad symptoms are going away because instead of introverting everything, I am extroverting and noticing more about the world around me."

L. K.

"After this course I am able to see some of my major "holes" and am able to fill it up with determinism so that I can "walk over" and go to the other side. Nothing—not even what I felt it was incredibly painful or impossible to deal with—can keep me on that side of Life. Life is mine to live, and now I feel able to do it."

L. S.


Your Course and Case Supervisor 
Jon is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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