The PTS/SP Course -
Anti-Social Personality Handling and Mitigation

DOn't be a Robot Anymore to Other's demands

Being Happy is Being Unsuppressed

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you don't have to be sick and unhappy around family, friends, or co-workers anymore

How does one mitigate suppression from others in life?

This professional-level in-depth course teaches everything one needs to know how to detect and handle anti-social personalities in life and how to help others handle suppressive influences. One can be happy and achieve their goals when not suppressed in life. It starts with education in the subject of suppression and being a potential trouble source to it.

The only prerequisite for this course is the Basic Study Course or The Student Hat Course.

On this course you will achieve the knowledge and ability to apply:

  • The basics of what causes suppression and what it's nature is

  • What a "potential trouble source" is and how to avoid becoming one

  • How to help potential trouble sources out of the traps of being one and return their lives to them

  • The chart of human emotions and spot any emotion easily in others - both social and chronic states, and how to communicate with each

  • The difference between morals, ethics, and justice and why justice is sometimes necessary when dealing with suppressive personalities

  • New concepts such as present time problems, overts and withholds and what role they play wth suppressives and potential trouble sources

  • What the characteristics of a suppressive person are and how to spot AND avoid them

  • What the true cause of psychosis is for a suppressive personality

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Our Students  Love Us

"I finally learned about the effects of PTSness and the effects the environment and people have over us with the PTS/SP course, and WOW, even more symptoms are going away because instead of introverting everything, I am extroverting and noticing about the world around me, and this is improving my focus and recall SO much. Thank you AOGP and STOSA".


"While I understand that I have a long way to go, and many engrams to confront, my overall anxiety level has dropped tremendously, and I am up tone for the first time in months. It is a major win for my relationship and for our family!"


"It was hard to deal with suppression from someone so close like my girlfriend. But what I learned here brought me to such level of understanding and self-confidence that I think I sorted out our relationship once for all. And we are more in love than ever!"



Your Course and Case Supervisor 
Jon is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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