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Frequently asked questions

Where should I start?

You should start by taking a Personality Test first so we can know if you are under any suppression. We do this first because people who are being suppressed experience shifts in their moods, actions, and thinking so even if you were getting results from one of our courses, they wouldn't last. You can take the Personality Test here. After you take your personality test, you'll be contacted within 48 hours with your results (usually it's within 24 hours), where you'll be advised on how to proceed.

Are you guys part of the Church of Scientology?

No, we are an independent organization that believes one should be able to study Scientology affordably and in the standard, correct way. 

What things do I need to study Scientology?

On all courses there's a list of items you'll need to study Scientology, however, don't let this overwhelm you. These items are basic items that you might already have. 

Is this online academy what Scientology is all about?

In Scientology, there's training and auditing. This online academy delivers all the training necessary to go up the Scientology Bridge. We also have auditors ready to get you started on doing auditing, which is where the magic happens!

Do I have to do training, or auditing or both together?

It is highly recommended that you get auditing if you really want to experience all that Scientology has to offer. Training is good too but auditing is where deeper understandings of life and you are found. You can book your auditing session here

I've heard some negative stuff about Scientology on the internet, what's there to know about that?

As with anything new and not part of "the system," there's going to be some rumour flying around. The best chance you have is to see for yourself if Scientology works for you. If you have any other questions on this, you can contact us directly here
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